Petrobras presents solid operational performance in the second trimester of 2020

Publicado em: 21/07/2020 19:20:18


The company acted swiftly to meet the challenges imposed by the pandemic and the industry crisis

Petrobras has faced, in the second trimester of this year, an unprecedented crisis in the industry, with an intense fall in brent value, strong reduction in demand and surplus of products in the market. Even in this challenging conjecture, the company has presented a solid operational performance in the period, having reacted swiftly to the challenges imposed by the pandemic and the global recession.

The average production of oil and gas was 2,802 million barrels of equivalent oil per day (boed), 6,4% greater than the one registered in the same period last year, being only 3,7% lower compared to the first period of this year.

In April, the integrated initiatives of logistics and marketing allowed for the growth in exports, compensating the reduction in the domestic demand for fuel. With this initiatives, Petrobras reached a record in oil exportation, attaining the mark of one million barrels per day.

In refining, production was considerably hit by the reduction in demand, mainly in April, when the utilization factor (FUT) reached 59%. The gradual recovery in domestic consumption and exportation of bunker and fuel oil alllowed for the return of the refining FUT to pre-pandemic levels, reaching 74 and 78% in the months of May and June, respectively. The exportation of oil derivatives has also grown 22% in relation to the previous trimester.

Click here to see the full operational performance report in the second trimester.


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